• About the Choirs

    The mission of the University of San Diego Choral Ensembles is to promote singing in community. We believe in the transformative power of the human voice and the expressive potential of the human body to tell stories and imagine new worlds. Beginning in Fall 2023, we will be offering 5 choral ensembles and an immersive travel experience for ensemble singers at USD. Majors and minors in music are eligible for a generous scholarship for choral leadership through the Choral Scholars program. For more information, contact music@sandiego.edu.


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    MUSC 153/353

    Tues/Thurs 4-5:20p in Camino 153

    Brian Lustig, director


    The Concert Choir is the hub of the choral music program at USD. Comprised of student singers from across campus, this ensemble performs annually at Lessons & Carols as well as a large, choral-orchestral work each spring.

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    MUSC 152/352 01

    Mondays 4-6:50p in Camino 154

    Wilfred Paloma, director


    Song/Story/Stage is an auditioned music and theatre workshop for students interested in opera and musical theatre. In this course, students perform excerpts from longer theatrical works as well as original works for the voice.

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    MUSC 155/355 02

    Mondays 7-9:50p in Camino 153

    Leonard Patton, director


    The Torero Blues is USD's auditioned vocal jazz ensemble for treble voices. The ensemble performs a wide variety of jazz repertoire, including standards as well as new songs written in the jazz idiom.

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    MUSC 152/352 02

    Wednesdays 4-6:50 in Camino 154

    Charissa Noble & Ryan Nestor, directors


    Ensemble X is USD's new experimental ensemble, focusing on contemporary trends in sound art, storytelling, and performance.



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    MUSC 159/359

    Wednesdays 7-9:50 in Camino 153

    Ken Anderson, director


    The USD Gospel Choir performs music from the Black church in programs around campus and throughout the community.

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    January 2024

    Choral Immersion in Sri Lanka

    Emilie Amrein, director


    Members of the USD Choral Ensembles collaborate in Sri Lanka with André de Quadros and the Muslim Choral Ensemble.

  • USD Choral Studies

    Faculty and Staff









    Emilie Amrein

    Choral Scholars









    Ken Anderson

    Gospel Choir









    Brian Lustig Woods

    Concert Choir









    Ryan Nestor

    Ensemble X









    Charissa Noble

    Ensemble X









    Lisa Pagan

    Collaborative Piano









    Wilfred Paloma










    Leonard Patton

    Torero Blues

  • Applied Voice

    Faculty & Staff









    Richard Dueñez Morrison

    Applied Voice









    Maribel Ruiz Velasco

    Applied Voice









    Enrique Toral

    Applied Voice

  • Upcoming Performances

    2023-2024 Season

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    Arts & Culture Festival

    featuring student artists, musicians, theatre-makers, story-tellers, and dancers from across campus


    9:00am on Saturday, October 28, 2023 in the Camino-Founders Courtyard at the University of San Diego.


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    Voice Recital

    featuring the students of Maribel Ruiz Velasco and Enrique Toral, accompanied by Gema Garcia Grijalva


    1:00pm on November 30, 2023 in the French Parlor at the University of San Diego.


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    Lessons & Carols

    featuring the USD Concert Choir


    7:00pm on Saturday, December 2, 2023 at Founders Chapel at the University of San Diego.


    2:00pm on Sunday, December 3, 2023 at Founders Chapel at the University of San Diego.


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    Gospel Festival with San Diego's MLK Community Choir

    featuring the USD Gospel Choir


    7:30pm on December 8, 2022 in Shiley Theatre at the University of San Diego.


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    Song/ Story / Stage

    featuring the S3 Music & Theatre Workshop and the students of Richard Dueñez Morrison, accompanied by Reka Parker


    7:30pm on December 9, 2023 in Shiley Theatre at the University of San Diego.


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    New Music Festival

    featuring Ensemble X & and Guest Artists


    2:00pm on December 10, 2023 in Shiley Theatre at the University of San Diego.


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    A Night of Jazz

    featuring the Torero Blues, the USD Jazz Ensemble


    7:30pm on December 11, 2023 in Shiley Theatre at the University of San Diego.


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